About Us

My passion for music started when I was very little. Living a long way out of town and one of five children on a farm, we had to find things to amuse ourselves. My time was spent listening to records on my Grandads gramophone. Everything and anything I could get my hands on, but it was mainly country music or Elvis, for me as that is what my folks listened to. As I grew older I found a deeper appreciation for all types of music. My Soulmate (& bass player, Keith) bought me my first guitar at the age of 18, that's when I taught myself to play. It wasn't until I was introduced to Wanda Jackson that my love for Rockabilly truly blossomed, and the rest they say is history.
We Relocated from Townsville to Melbourne to get a little closer to the scene. Produced an album with Tommy McEwan in 2015. As a band, we never got off the ground down there. So we have now moved to the Gold Coast (Townsville Music scene does not LOVE rockabilly so much) and we will have a brand new band line up hoping to find our niche. Originally known as the Australian Imelda May, but since an impressive appearance at VLV#21 Cherry has now been dubbed the "Princess of Rockabilly", Princess because no one can replace the Queen (Wanda)
Cherry is a mixture of Wanda, Imelda, Josie, and Janis with her own personal style thrown in. Her love of Rockabilly has taken her around the world and with the Love of my Life (and upright Bass player) by her side they are ready to release another original album. 
 Lead Guitar - Scrubby Pete/ Josh "The Josh" Angus
Drums - The amazing Toby "Stix" Baron
Keith Bailey (my partner in crime) on Slap Bass
& Me Helen (Cherry) Vocals and Guitar.
Please contact us for bookings